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Water Features

We are the first to design, construct and install bespoke metal and fibreglass water features with inbuilt ecosystem filtration, negating the need for unsightly filter boxes/houses and reducing maintenance. We can make a feature to virtually any specification and size, so whatever your vision, we can bring it to life.

Hertfordshire Rill

A straight rill cuts through the limestone paving. The crystal clear pools sit over charcoal grey pebbles, finished with matte grey stepping stones. A small cascade as patio meets grass creates a relaxing babble, giving a calming atmosphere to the nearby seating area.
Contemporary Water Features

Hertfordshire Contemporary Pond

Our feature draws inspiration from the existing garden, using the same Limestone paving as the patio which gives the area a mediterranean feel. 6 fountains emerge from the water, drawing the eye. The result is a modern yet rustic water feature. 
Stone Water Features

Norfolk Spillway

Neighbouring the pathway, a darkened steel rill sits with 3 elevated spillways, contrasting the white marble below.
Metal Water Features
Specialising in contemporary water features, Somnium focuses on blending modern designs with biological processes with our natural filtration systems, reducing the amount of maintenance required and minimizing the need for chemicals in the system. All of our features can include this internal filtration, keeping your feature clean and your equipment in good condition.
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